Teamsters Local 812

  • Phoenix/Lobo Beverages Workers Ratify Historic 5-Year Agreement

    By a 3-1 margin, Local 812 members at Phoenix/Lobo Beverages in Brooklyn N.Y., and Montgomery N.Y., ratified a new 5-year agreement. The company employees 350 Local 812 members. The contract solidifies job security, wage increases, pension, medical protection and much more.

    Contract Highlights

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  • Local 812 VP Warren Marsh Honored

    Vice President  Marsh was honored by the NYS Teamsters Hispanic Caucus for his dedication to the labor movement.

  • State Sen. Carlucci Greets Local 812 Members

    At a recent Local 812 general membership meeting, Senator David Carlucci dropped by to tell members how much he appreciates the support of the union and to let us know that he's there for us. In the photo, Senator Carlucci is flanked by President Ed Weber and Secretary-Treasurer Joe Vitta. 

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  • Never Settle or Stop, Fight to Stay on Top: 812 Union Dues at Work

    Unions give every member the opportunity to stand up for justice and dignity. It's not just contracts; everyone who works hard for a living should have some power on the job, a way of challenging management without worrying about being fired.

    We join together for a voice in the workplace, rights on the job, and to secure a better life for our families and ourselves. Dues provide the resources necessary to run our union.

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  • Appeals court upholds ruling striking down NYC’s large soda ban 

    Mayor Bloomberg’s big soda ban is still dead.A state appeals court Tuesday upheld a lower court decision blocking the mayor’s controversial ban on sugary drinks over 16 ounces, ruling that the Bloomberg-controlled Board of Health had overstepped its powers.

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  • Ground Breaking Agreement on Pepsi Long Island and Pepsi New York Consolidation

    President Ed Weber and the entire Local 812 Executive Board thank all of our members working at Pepsi Bottling Ventures (Pepsi Meadowbrook) for their support, understanding and cooperation during the negotiations that the Executive Board undertook regarding the purchase of the Company's Nassau and Suffolk County Territories by Pepsi New York.

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  • Contract Agreement at Snapple

    Local 812 members approve a new contract at Dr Pepper / Snapple by 5-1 margin.  Click below for contract highlights.

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  • "Hands Off Our Work" Campaign Pays Off, 812 Wins Major Arbitration

    Over the past few months the 812 "HANDS OFF OUR WORK" campaign has attracted a lot of attention. Not only by members, but also from the companies themselves.

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  • 812 Negotiates to Save Oak Beverage Jobs

    When Oak Beverage beer distributor decided to shut down its Brooklyn operation and move to the Bronx, the 53 Local 812 members negotiated to keep their jobs with the company.

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  • This Is Why You Need A Union

    New York City may be recovering from the recession with strong gains in number of jobs available, but a new study shows that more New Yorkers are getting stuck in low-wage occupations that offer little chance of upward mobility.


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  • Snapple Disaster Averted – Local 812 Jobs Saved

    In a victory for Local 812 Snapple members, Phoenix/Lobo takes over Snapple's Newburgh Distribution. As a result, Local 812 members are offered full employment under a great contract.

    In a fateful decision eight years ago, the workers of Snapple Newburgh reached out to join Local 812.

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  • Cedar Beverages Members Approve New 5-year Contract

    The Local 812 members at Cedar Beverages in Long Island voted 2-1 in favor of a new 5-year agreement. 

Cedar Beverage delivers products such as Yuengling, Miller Beer Products, Guinness and Colt 45 on the east end of Long Island.  Cedar Beverages sister company, Boening Distributors, ratified their new 5-year agreement last year.  The Oak Beverages contract is due to expire in June.

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  • Local 812 Heroes - Member Organizers

    Local 812 takes on the biggest players in the beverage industry. It's not easy, but when we marshal the energy and determination of the entire union, we win.

    When we mobilize to organize new union members, we rely on 812 members to help us get the word out. No one understands better than an 812 member what it means to be in a union. As we increase our union density, we increase power within the industry and ensure that all workers get their fair share. We can't allow companies to lower the standards that we have built over the decades.

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  • Union, Yes! Coke Closed Non-Union Operation, Moved Work to 812 Members in Elmsford

    During 2011 contract negotiations, Local 812 called Coke out on its use of Southeastern Container, which operates a non-union "PET" bottle manufacturing plant in Wappinger's Falls, NY employing up to 25 full-time employees. Local 812 demanded that Coca Cola use union labor and promised to organize the facility within the next year.

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  • What's Important? Teamsters Local 812 Saving Members’ Jobs!

    Over the past few months, companies have been on the attack, so it is important that members do everything possible to work smarter and safer. Local 812 is there to defend members when the company wrongly writes up, disciplines or fires a worker.

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  • Bargaining Unit Work

    Local 812 is launching an aggressive campaign to protect our members’ work and jobs. Account managers are doing bargaining unit work and that is causing layoffs. When a supervisor does bargaining unit work, he is taking work and money away from you and other Local 812 members. Union members lose out on working extra hours and overtime. It is a violation of the contract. We can only file and win grievances with the help of members.

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