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Oct. 13th 7:00pm

Local 812's membership meetings are held at Teamsters Local 282, 2500 Marcus Ave., Lake Success, NY 11042

  • Gen. Powell Displays Teamsters Local 812 Pride!

    General Colin L. Powell is a former Local 812 member who worked at Pepsi Long Island City.  His time as a Teamster clearly made a great impression.   General Powell even mentioned  Local 812 in two of the novels he has written.

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  • Coca Cola Terminates Big Geyser Distribution Contract

    Glaceau Products, including Vitamin Water and Smart Water, to be Delivered by Unionized Coke Workers in CocaColaTruckNew York City and Long Island

    In a blow to beverage distributer Big Geyser Inc., Coca Cola has terminated its distribution contract with the troubled company. Glaceau products comprise more than half of Queens-based Big Geyser's volume. Coke will instead deliver Glaceau products using their existing unionized workforce.

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  • Hoffa To Members: A New Day For Our Great Union

    Agreement Reached to End Twenty-Five Years of Government Oversight.

    The United States of America represented by the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York entered into an agreement with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters whereby in consideration of its terms and conditions the United States of America upon order from the court will dismiss its action against the International Brotherhood of Teamsters....

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  • Union Jobs Preserved and Created at Coca Cola Haulage

    Keeping and creating good union jobs requires the constant vigilance of Local 812 members, staff and officers. Last spring, Coke workers in Elmsford noticed that the company was stepping up its use of outside contractors to haul loads that 812 members should have been hauling.

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  • Don’t Be A Victim

    Your employer has the legal obligation to provide a workplace free from known hazards. But Coke is refusing to do that, so it's up to each of us to ensure that we always work safe.

    Many members are aware that Coke has been using outside, non-union drivers for deliveries. These Werner drivers are not held to the same standard as we are.

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  • Trans-Shipping Hurts Us All!

    Good jobs are increasingly rare. More and more of our neighbors are unable to make ends meet.

    Yet, out of state companies are threatening to kill more good jobs. To avoid New York State’s recycling and deposit laws, they ship soft drinks and beer from out of state to New York.

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  • Defend Your Job!

    Join the Local 812 PAC!  The industry we work in is changing rapidly and workers are under attack like never before. Local 812 created the Soft Drink and Brewery Workers Political Action Committee (PAC) to save jobs and maintain the high standards we have set for our members.

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  • "Hands Off Our Work" Campaign Pays Off, 812 Wins Major Arbitration

    Over the past few months the 812 "HANDS OFF OUR WORK" campaign has attracted a lot of attention. Not only by members, but also from the companies themselves.

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  • Never Settle or Stop, Fight to Stay on Top: 812 Union Dues at Work

    Unions give every member the opportunity to stand up for justice and dignity. It's not just contracts; everyone who works hard for a living should have some power on the job, a way of challenging management without worrying about being fired.

    We join together for a voice in the workplace, rights on the job, and to secure a better life for our families and ourselves. Dues provide the resources necessary to run our union.

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  • Win for Local 812! Haulage Driver Back to Work!

    Through no fault of his own, Local 812 member Louis Ortiz had a string of bad luck last year that resulted in a couple of accidents. But his employer, Coca Cola, considered the accidents to be preventable.

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  • Ground Breaking Agreement on Pepsi Long Island and Pepsi New York Consolidation

    President Ed Weber and the entire Local 812 Executive Board thank all of our members working at Pepsi Bottling Ventures (Pepsi Meadowbrook) for their support, understanding and cooperation during the negotiations that the Executive Board undertook regarding the purchase of the Company's Nassau and Suffolk County Territories by Pepsi New York.

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  • The Local 812 Rewards

    Members are eligible for savings on national brands and 
    local shops, including sporting and entertainment events. Go to the website for chances to win awesome prizes such as gift cards, tickets, spa packages and electronics.

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  • 812 Negotiates to Save Oak Beverage Jobs

    When Oak Beverage beer distributor decided to shut down its Brooklyn operation and move to the Bronx, the 53 Local 812 members negotiated to keep their jobs with the company.

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