• Gen. Powell Displays Teamsters Local 812 Pride!

    General Colin L. Powell is a former Local 812 member who worked at Pepsi Long Island City.  His time as a Teamster clearly made a great impression.   General Powell even mentioned  Local 812 in two of the novels he has written.

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  • Welcome our New Brooklyn Piers Members!

    While Union membership is declining in America, Local 812 continues to defy the trend by signing up over 120 new members in the first month of 2015.

    MTC Dedicated Trucking drivers elected to become Local 812 members and the owners of MTC have agreed to recognize Teamsters Local 812 as the drivers' exclusive bargaining agent.

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  • Scholarships

    Applications are now available for the 2015-16 school year.

    Apply now for the Local 812 and James R. Hoffa scholarships.

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  • Coca Cola Terminates Big Geyser Distribution Contract

    Glaceau Products, including Vitamin Water and Smart Water, to be Delivered by Unionized Coke Workers in CocaColaTruckNew York City and Long Island

    In a blow to beverage distributer Big Geyser Inc., Coca Cola has terminated its distribution contract with the troubled company. Glaceau products comprise more than half of Queens-based Big Geyser's volume. Coke will instead deliver Glaceau products using their existing unionized workforce.

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  • Hoffa To Members: A New Day For Our Great Union

    Agreement Reached to End Twenty-Five Years of Government Oversight.

    The United States of America represented by the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York entered into an agreement with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters whereby in consideration of its terms and conditions the United States of America upon order from the court will dismiss its action against the International Brotherhood of Teamsters....

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  • Sen. Savino Addresses Labor Issues at Seminar

    State Senator Diane Savino, among the strongest worker advocates in Albany, delivered a passionate speech to D Savinoattendees of the Local 812 Steward Seminar.  Also speaking was U.S. Congressman Joe Crowly, an ally of Local 812 and friend to working people.

  • New York's Court of Appeals rejects city's large soda ban

    The Big Gulp has won a big victory in New York's highest court.

    The Court of Appeals on Thursday upheld lower court rulings that the city's Board of Health exceeded its authority in 2012 by enacting a ban on large sugary beverages.

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  • Phoenix/Lobo Beverages Workers Ratify Historic 5-Year Agreement

    By a 3-1 margin, Local 812 members at Phoenix/Lobo Beverages in Brooklyn N.Y., and Montgomery N.Y., ratified a new 5-year agreement. The company employees 350 Local 812 members. The contract solidifies job security, wage increases, pension, medical protection and much more.

    Contract Highlights

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  • Never Settle or Stop, Fight to Stay on Top: 812 Union Dues at Work

    Unions give every member the opportunity to stand up for justice and dignity. It's not just contracts; everyone who works hard for a living should have some power on the job, a way of challenging management without worrying about being fired.

    We join together for a voice in the workplace, rights on the job, and to secure a better life for our families and ourselves. Dues provide the resources necessary to run our union.

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  • Ground Breaking Agreement on Pepsi Long Island and Pepsi New York Consolidation

    President Ed Weber and the entire Local 812 Executive Board thank all of our members working at Pepsi Bottling Ventures (Pepsi Meadowbrook) for their support, understanding and cooperation during the negotiations that the Executive Board undertook regarding the purchase of the Company's Nassau and Suffolk County Territories by Pepsi New York.

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  • "Hands Off Our Work" Campaign Pays Off, 812 Wins Major Arbitration

    Over the past few months the 812 "HANDS OFF OUR WORK" campaign has attracted a lot of attention. Not only by members, but also from the companies themselves.

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  • 812 Negotiates to Save Oak Beverage Jobs

    When Oak Beverage beer distributor decided to shut down its Brooklyn operation and move to the Bronx, the 53 Local 812 members negotiated to keep their jobs with the company.

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  • This Is Why You Need A Union

    New York City may be recovering from the recession with strong gains in number of jobs available, but a new study shows that more New Yorkers are getting stuck in low-wage occupations that offer little chance of upward mobility.


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  • Win for Local 812! Haulage Driver Back to Work!

    Through no fault of his own, Local 812 member Louis Ortiz had a string of bad luck last year that resulted in a couple of accidents. But his employer, Coca Cola, considered the accidents to be preventable.

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  • Union Defends Phoenix Workers

    Before even receiving U.S. Dept. of Justice approval of a proposed merger with Manhattan Beer, Phoenix Beverages has unwisely begun posting company layoffs. Local 812 union leaders have informed the company that their actions violate a legally-binding contract.

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  • TurboTax

    Take advantage of the TurboTax Teamster discount.

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  • Local 812 Members Re-elect Union Leadership

    The Proven Leadership Slate, headed by President Ed Weber and Secretary-Treasurer Joe Vitta was overwhelming elected to another term. The winning slate includes Vice President John Ulrich, Recording Secretary John Visconti and Trustees Mario Alvarez, Angel Martinez and Larry DeBellis. The officers won by an 8-1 margin.

  • Manhattan Beer, Phoenix in Merger Discussions

    Local 812 is weighing in as details are being hammered out in the likely merger between Manhattan Beer and Phoenix. Through the beer mergeInternational Brotherhood of Teamsters and President Hoffa, our union is in discussions with UNITE (the union currently representing Manhattan Beer workers). We are determined to bring Manhattan Beer workers up to the same high standards that we recently won for Phoenix/Lobo members in our 5-year contract.

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  • Won’t Back Down! 2014 Local 812 Steward Seminar.

    Local 812 conducted a Shop Steward and Key Member Seminar on Sept. 29th & 30th in Atlantic City. Local 812 union leaders assessed the current state of the union and prepared for the struggles ahead, including major 2016 contract negotiations.

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  • The Local 812 Rewards

    Members are eligible for savings on national brands and 
    local shops, including sporting and entertainment events. Go to the website for chances to win awesome prizes such as gift cards, tickets, spa packages and electronics.

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  • Snapple Disaster Averted – Local 812 Jobs Saved

    In a victory for Local 812 Snapple members, Phoenix/Lobo takes over Snapple's Newburgh Distribution. As a result, Local 812 members are offered full employment under a great contract.

    In a fateful decision eight years ago, the workers of Snapple Newburgh reached out to join Local 812.

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  • Local 812 Turns Out for the Miles for Matt 5K

    In loving memory of Matt Scarpati, son of Local 812 Comptroller Jim Scarpati and his wife Lynn Scarpati, Local 812 proudly participated in The Miles For Matt Celebrate 5K Run.  

    The mission of the Miles for Matt Foundation is to support the educational journey of students, their development through sports activities and for recreational safety in public venues. 

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  • Union, Yes! Coke Closed Non-Union Operation, Moved Work to 812 Members in Elmsford

    During 2011 contract negotiations, Local 812 called Coke out on its use of Southeastern Container, which operates a non-union "PET" bottle manufacturing plant in Wappinger's Falls, NY employing up to 25 full-time employees. Local 812 demanded that Coca Cola use union labor and promised to organize the facility within the next year.

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