Teamsters Local 812

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  • The Local 812 Rewards

    Friday, July 25th is Local 812 night at Yankee stadium.

    Members are eligible for savings on national brands and local shops, including sporting and entertainment events. Go to the website for chances to win awesome prizes such as gift cards, tickets, spa packages and electronics.

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  • Snapple Disaster Averted – Local 812 Jobs Saved

    In a victory for Local 812 Snapple members, Phoenix/Lobo takes over Snapple's Newburgh Distribution. As a result, Local 812 members are offered full employment under a great contract.

    In a fateful decision eight years ago, the workers of Snapple Newburgh reached out to join Local 812.

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  • Local 812 Turns Out for the Miles for Matt 5K

    In loving memory of Matt Scarpati, son of Local 812 Comptroller Jim Scarpati and his wife Lynn Scarpati, Local 812 proudly participated in The Miles For Matt Celebrate 5K Run.  

    The mission of the Miles for Matt Foundation is to support the educational journey of students, their development through sports activities and for recreational safety in public venues. 

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  • Cedar Beverages Members Approve New 5-year Contract

    The Local 812 members at Cedar Beverages in Long Island voted 2-1 in favor of a new 5-year agreement. 

Cedar Beverage delivers products such as Yuengling, Miller Beer Products, Guinness and Colt 45 on the east end of Long Island.  Cedar Beverages sister company, Boening Distributors, ratified their new 5-year agreement last year.  The Oak Beverages contract is due to expire in June.

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  • RSVP Now!

    Annual Local 812 Scholarship Fund Fishing Trip

    Sunday, August 3rd, 2014fish
    1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

    Freeport, Long Island
    With Captain Lou - bait, tackle, food and beverages included.

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  • Union, Yes! Coke Closed Non-Union Operation, Moved Work to 812 Members in Elmsford

    During 2011 contract negotiations, Local 812 called Coke out on its use of Southeastern Container, which operates a non-union "PET" bottle manufacturing plant in Wappinger's Falls, NY employing up to 25 full-time employees. Local 812 demanded that Coca Cola use union labor and promised to organize the facility within the next year.

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  • What's Important? Teamsters Local 812 Saving Members’ Jobs!

    Over the past few months, companies have been on the attack, so it is important that members do everything possible to work smarter and safer. Local 812 is there to defend members when the company wrongly writes up, disciplines or fires a worker.

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